Friday, May 28, 2010

"Animal Crackers In My Soup!"

I've been making hats.... LOTS of HATS! So far only Monkey's and Bears, but while looking at yarn (the new "FUN" thing for me to do) I (and I meaning Phish one of my good friends)found this really awsome green. I was looking to do a frog which is still the basic design of the bear and monkey, just green and with eye's instead of ears! But the more I looked at this green I knew it would not be just frogs.... So now I'm working on... you ready?.... DINO HAT! HAHA! I'm very excited about it all, my hats are really cute, and I enjoy making them.

Only problem, Where do I store all this yarn?!?!?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"It's Been A While"

OK, So maybe I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped to do with this blogging thing.
Problem is, my life is boring!

Dustin and I haven't been doing much but working here lately, I work 8-5 go home cook and do minor cleaning. Dustin works 7-until he's done for the day, comes home does more paper work, helps me cook or cleans the kitchen if I'm done cooking and we watch TV, or swim depending on the time. Then off to bed! B-O-R-I-N-G!
I sang in the Methodist Church last Sunday, it went well. I'd never heard the song before that day so I went to church early to practice, it was a really short easy song so it wasn't to hard. I wish it had been a little lower in the octave scale, but it worked out pretty good I guess, only 4 bad notes. :)
Going to the Methodist Church is a lot different for me then the Mormon one. The congregation recites things together. Church in it's entirety is only an hour (don't mind that) there aren't "speakers" just the pastor. Right now it's actually the pastor's wife, because the pastor had a major stroke and is not able to talk really anymore. So it's a woman leading everything, except for the singing, that's lead by a man, who has a very deep loud voice! And apparently they don't like verse 3 of ANY hymn, as they always skip it. We've been to church 4 or 5 times now and on NONE of the hymns have we sung verse 3. We are going to go there a few more times, at least until Linda and Adrian are ready to take Reece out of Altha. I don't mind the Methodist Church really, I just don't like being the youngest people there. There aren't any activities for the younger families, most everyone there is retired. I think we need to be somewhere with more people our age.
We do have a new person in our house. Robby(I don't know his last name).
Robby is a friend of Dustin's that he grew up with. He's a bit down on luck, and needed a place to stay. SO, for his food and living (and $5 a day for beer and cigs) he's been cleaning and organizing the inside and outside of our home. He's done more in the last few days then we've been able to get done in a month! It's been really nice to have him there, and as long as he'd like to stay he's more then welcome!
That's really all that's going on with us right now. Hopefully, I'll have something interesting happen and I'll get some good writing in.