Monday, February 28, 2011

Our House, Our Home!

The past few weeks Dustin, Robby and I ( ok mostly Dustin and Robby) have been working on making our house, into our home. We were given a house, and we are SO greatful, but it always felt like it wasn't ours. We tried everything, hanging pictures, moving the funiture, but until we started getting serious about making it ours, it just didn't help. So Dustin and I talked, and decided that we would start slowly and do a room at a time (yea right, I should have know better!) until everything got done, the way we wanted.
We started off with what we needed the most, and BIGGER closet! For a long time, we hung what we could in our little closet and had some in the laundry room, but on wash day, when everything got clean, it was like attack of the clean cloths! Shirts hanging on windows and pants across chairs, no room to hang anything anywhere! So I made the decission that, THAT would be the FIRST thing done, and for the most part it was... Except it's not done! It's still being worked on! I do have to admit that is partly my fault, because I changed my mind about what exactly I wanted done, and the cost of what I did want done was more then what we had planned on so we went on to the next item!
A PANTRY! Now, it must be said that really the pantry and the closet are a combined project, as it was all one room..See?

Inside the closet we had a single bar on each side about 3 1/2 feet long. Not nearly enough space!

And Now it looks like this!

WOW! SOOOO MUCH BETTER! Now, not all the shelves are up, and it's not been painted, we still have to do something about the floor, but that's how it's going to be.

The Panrty IS done though! SEE!!

Wall's up!

Floor Covered!


Second angle! LOVE IT!!

Things are really moving along now! We've almost finished the bedroom, and are still working on the closet but I keep changing my mind about how many shelves, and if I want a second 2 story cloths bar or just a shelf and a single cloths bar under so Dustin said he wasn't going to touch it until I was absoulty sure! (smart man!)

Moving on, time to log off this here com-pu-ter as it's tiime to close! There will be more so don't get worked up! Until then... :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

PU! I Stink at this! And, The return!

OK OK OK, I'm sorry! But here we go again. Maybe this time I'll do better?

Why did I stop you ask? I guess I just felt bad that NOTHING was happening in my life, is that sad? I'm I THAT pathetic? The answer... sometimes.. Please see the next post entitled.. I don't know I haven't written it yet!