Tuesday, April 19, 2011


OK, so last year Dustin and I started to go to church again. Well, every 3rd Sunday they have a lunch after church. At one of these lunches, I saw something that looked like potato's, but they were in an very pale yellowish/orange juice. So I thought it must be butter and some kind of spice on potato's... It wasn't... It was Rutabagas! And I loved them! They had a slightly sweet, buttery taste and they melted in my mouth. mmmmmm... *drool*

So when Dustin was asking that I wanted in the garden I said (can you guess!) RUTABAGAS! So, Here they are, 2 of them at least. Dustin and I disagreed about if they were ready or not so he pulled up 2 and I made him leave the others in the ground.

Last night I tried my best to cook these stubborn things. First off, they have the texture of a potato when cooked, but they have a peel that you have to get off. It LOOKS like an onion peel, so you would think it would just pull off pretty easy right?! NOT! I had to get a peeler and peel, and peel.. and peel.. it's a lot thicker then it looks and harder. I got it off, and cut it into slices and got it in the water to boil (the "true southern" way to cook the according to google!) added the 1/2 tsp of salt called for despite my thoughts that something sweet should not have salt in it. "Bring to boil and then let boil for aprox. 16 minutes"...... really? aprox. 16 minutes? so 15 won't work? sheesh.. OK, brought it to a boil, boiled for 16 minutes... OK maybe it was more like 20 oh well,I may have ruined them. And then began to "add butter salt and pepper to taste" WHAT?? pepper??? There was no pepper in the ones that I had at church! They were sweet I tell you! So I do the unthinkable... I close the computer and take matters into my own hands... And after adding a few things from the fridge I tasted it.. and it was OK.. more crap from the fridge and it was tasting a little better! The problem was that I had already eaten dinner, and wasn't hungry anymore! So they are in my lunch for today! Hopefully they will taste as good today as they did last night. We'll see!