Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!"

Dustin and Debbie met the end 2002 when Debbie went with a friend, Kimberly Brock to meet her (Kim's) cousin’s (Kristy) new boyfriend (DJ!). Debbie and Dustin ended up spending the evening talking and visiting at Stacy's, a Marianna, Fl hot spot at the time.
After hanging out a few more times they didn't really talk again until one night in July of 2004. Kim (yes the same friend) had people over and wanted Debbie (who was living in Utah at the time) to talk to "Oxxx" (a.k.a Dustin) on the phone. So they talked and talked and talked!
Well it just so happened, that Debbie was coming home in a few days (for jury duty) and during that trip Debbie and Dustin spent every day together. Talking and getting to know each other.
Well after a tearful goodbye, on Debbie’s part (Debbie would like to think that Dustin cried his heart out when she left, but he swears he didn’t), Debbie went back to Utah. It wasn’t long before they both knew this long distance thing was NOT going to work. Long phone calls and many discussions and it was decided that Debbie should came back to Florida. So she packed her things and September 4th 2004, Dustin for the first time got on a plane and met Debbie in Colorado to help her drive her over loaded Chevy Caviler home.
After dating for a year Dustin ask Debbie to marry him while they were at AFYC (a youth camp where they both worked). She of course said “YES, YES, YES!!!”
In December, of 2005 they were married at the United Methodist Church, where Dustin grew up. Family and long time friends laughed and cried and Debbie and Dustin’s life together as a family started.