Monday, April 19, 2010

"Put Thou Thy Trust in God"

"Give to the winds thy fears;
hope, and be undismayed:
God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears;
God shall lift up thy head."

Dustin and I have had a rough few years, After he hurt his knee and they let him go from his job, we were living on just my pay. We looked to faith to help get us back on our feet. It was so hard for us to believe that there was someone out there that was looking out for us. We couldn't pay all of our bills and were living off our parents for the most part of 2 years. We let our light grow dim and sorrow and self pity filled our hearts. We knew there was a God, but that he was always there for us was just unbelievable he couldn't be there for us if we were having to go through these trials. We questioned his ways, and wondered why he would make us live like this, make us give up everything, rely on others so greatly!
It never dawned on us that our faith in our family and the love that they had for us was growing. We didn't stop to really look and see that we really hadden't given anything up! Maybe we wern't paying for it, but how many meals out or trips to the movies were paid for by someone who "just wanted to spend time" with us? little check's here and there which were "just enough" to pay this bill or that.
"Through waves and clouds and storms
his power will clear thy way:
wait thou his time; the darkest night
shall end in brightest day"

And then we started to add things up in our heads, and maybe, just maybe God was not punishing us, not letting us cry in vein, but letting us find strength in our family's and friends, letting us know how much they truely loved us and wanted to be there for us. Our faith began to grow again, and little by little we began to grow closer to Our Father in Heaven.
It's been a little while now, and while we arn't as strong as we once were, we are blooming and growing. We've begun talking about looking for a church were we feel that love and where we feel like we really belong, and Adrian and Linda are also looking with us, Since Linda is expecting little Reece anyday and wants to be close to home "just in case", we've been attending the Altha Methodist Church where we were married in the meantime. After Reece comes we all plan on trying a few new places and seeing where we really "fit".