Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Our House, is a Very Very Very Fine House"

Last February Dustin's grandfather passed away. Yes I know that's a really sad way to start a blog! But, through his love for his child, he left Janice, Dustin's mom his home. And out of her love of me(hehe) she gave Dustin and I her house!
So here now it's been about 6 months since they (Dustin's parents) moved out and left us alone in the house.

We've been slowly moving things around get them how we like them. Cleaning everything (Janice used to smoke) and getting everything just so. We have 4 bedrooms, only 2 at the moment have beds in them. A nice size dining room (not done), an office (not done), HUGE living room (DONE!!!) and 2 bathrooms (Also done!!). Oh and of course the Kitchen (We want to redo all the cabinets but until we can afford that, it's done!!)

I really love being able to say "Our House" and "Our Home", and not "Your Parents". I love being about to put things where I want, and paint if I want without having to ask someone (aside from Dustin)first. I can't wait to start all the work to make it pretty, but right now we are still working on getting the last of his parents things out (Thanks Liane for having a yard sale and helping with that!) and getting our things in.

Sometimes I feel like it will never be done, because there is still SO much to do, but then I look around and realize that we are making progress still.